Stylish "naked bike" for the city. Fast, light, manoeuvrable and deliciously electric. EXPECT MORE!
Electric single gear.
Agile, fast and dazzling
Minimalistic design
Inspired by NEW YORK delivery bikes. A minimalist bike, stripped of everything that is not necessary. Fast and manoeuvrable due to the electric drive from the rear axle with a power of 250 WATT.
Invisible battery
WATT gets its energy from a 36V - 10.5AH lithium battery. Fully integrated into the down tube, resulting in ideal weight distribution and road holding. You have support up to 25 kilometers per hour for a distance of 40 and 70 kilometers. More than enough for your daily trips in the city.
Light and strong
The frame of the NEW York is made of aluminum which makes the bike light and strong. The bike weighs less than 16 kilograms, so you can also use it if you want to cruise without pedal assistance.

Stylish cycling in a clean and livable city

5 Levels

25 km/h

40-70 KM range

A high
Requires high
braking power
The NEW YORK is equipped with mechanical disc brakes. This way you can stop in no time if necessary. So safe. Furthermore, you have a simple control available next to your handle to switch between the 5 speed levels.
Choose the version that suits you
Delivery at home
You will receive your bicycle neatly delivered to your home by post. All you have to do is straighten the handlebars and mount the pedals. A piece of cake with our easy assembly videos.
To fully enjoy your WATT, it is important to maintain your bike properly. This can easily be done via a service point near you. Or at your home through our maintenance partner Get Bike Service, which can be found in more and more European cities. Read more
You can also easily take out insurance online when purchasing your WATT. You are then insured for theft and repairs. Read more
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Powerful brakes
Bike lichting
Easy charging
Add some accessories
Configure your NEW YORK