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    €1.350,00 Incl. tax

    The NEW YORK has been stripped of everything that is not considered essential. Unlike the other models, the bike has no mounting points for a carrier, lock or mudguards. So it's a fairly minimalist bike that you can buy almost any part for on any street corner. Maintenance is kept easy and affordable this way, which simply means that you can play with adding on any extra bike features yourself. The real Fixie lovers will know what to do here. A different colour for the tyres, saddle or handgrips are added in no time. And from now on, this is also an option for this electrically-powered basic bike.

    • NEW YORK
    • NEW YORK
    • NEW YORK
    • NEW YORK
    • NEW YORK
    • NEW YORK
    • NEW YORK
    • NEW YORK
    • Wheelsize: 28’ (25-622) 700 x 25C
    • Frame-sizes: 54 en 59 cm - Aluminum frame & charging point on frame
    • Chargepoint: on frame
    • Color: Matte black
    • Weight: 17,5 kg
    • Saddle: Brown leather look
    • Handles: Brown leather look
    • Handlebars: City bicycle aluminum
    • Chain: Stainless steel
    • Mudguard: none
    • Rearlight: None
    • Kickstand: Double kickstand
    • Power: 36V - 250W - 45NM (Rearwheel)
    • Maximum speed: 25 km per hour
    • Pedal assistance: 5 levels
    • Drive: Via speedsensor
    • Brake interruption: Yes
    • Removable: No, integrated in frame
    • Battery: 36V - 8.7Ah battery, 314Wh
    • Capacity: 20 kWh
    • Replaceable: Yes
    • Radius: 30 - 60 km
    • Brand: Samsung
    • Charging time: 3 - 5 h
    • Charger: LI-ion battery charger
    • Size: 10 inch
    • Illumination: Yes
    • Battery: Status display
    • Pedalassistance: Manual
    • Speedindication: km/h
    • Functions: Average speed, distance, and time
    • Naked bikeSingle gear lightweight of 17 KG
    • Long distance 40 - 70 KM range
    • Invisible Battery Completely integrated battery
    • Powerful support250W rear wheel drive up to 25 KM/H

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    Light and strong

    The NEW YORK's frame is constructed of aluminium, which makes the bike lightweight and strong. The bike weighs less than 16 kilograms, which means it can also be used when you want to cycle without pedal assistance. In addition, a heavier resistance of 2.75 is used. This is the ratio between the front and rear gear teeth. Also referred to as the 'gear ratio'. This means that you can cycle comfortably at higher speeds and won't have to pedal hard. The downside is that setting off or accelerating is harder. Although the electric motor gives you a boost more or less straightaway, so this disadvantage is overcome.

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    Up to 25 km per hour support

    The electric motor is located in the rear axle and has a power output of 250 WATT. The drive is activated via a rotation sensor on the crankshaft. The motor has 5 levels of approx. 5 km to 25 km per hour of assistance. The more you pedal, the less power you drain from the battery. The levels are pre-configured, but you can adjust them to your own preferences yourself. You can find a manual for that here.

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    Invisible battery

    The battery is integrated in the lower tube of the frame. This ensures an ideal weight distribution of the bike, so that cycling feels very natural and comfortable The bike is charged via a charger that you connect to your bike. A bit like charging your mobile phone. Charging a completely empty battery takes about three hours. The average lifespan of a battery is around three years or 500 charging cycles. Keep in mind that the range of a battery can deteriorate after that. But replacing the battery is done in a flash. You can do this yourself or have it done at a bicycle repair shop. Follow the steps shown in the assembly video on our website.

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    40 - 70 km range

    How far you can cycle with a full battery (the range) is determined by a number of factors. It depends on your own weight, the assistance level you choose and the conditions that you are cycling in. For instance, with strong headwinds and assistance level 5, the range is shorter than on a flat road when the wind is behind you and you're using assistance level 1. Generally, you can expect to cover a distance of between 40 and 70 kilometres. More than enough for daily trips around town.

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    Easy to maintain

    In order to be able to enjoy your new bike to the fullest, it is important to maintain your bike properly. We have designed a bicycle without any unnecessary bells or whistles. This enables you to easily carry out any maintenance yourself. Think about, for example, replacing brake pads, patching up a tyre or oiling your chain. You can buy most parts from a regular bicycle repair shop. You can easily buy specific parts, such as a new battery, from our webshop.


    We are convinced that your daily bike ride can be more convenient and easier. And that's just as much fun with our cool URBAN e-bikes. Dutch design, electric and made for the city.


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