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    Linka Smart Lock Original (ART2)

    Linka Smart Lock Original (ART2)

    LINKA makes the life of a cyclist a bit easier and more fun. The lock works with your smartphone so you no longer need a key. With just one press of a button, your bike is locked. And when you walk back to your bike, the lock will open automatically. You

    €149,50 Incl. tax

    Your iPhone is your bike key with the LINKA Smart Lock Bluetooth 4.0 bicycle ring lock. Using the free LINKA app, you can operate the lock contact-free, you will be notified of the battery status within a radius of 120 m and you receive an alert if someone tries to remove your bike. The lock has a 110 dB alarm signal. The battery lasts approx. 9 months. You can also use the app to give other people access your bike.

    Optimised for iPhone 

    LINKA works best with an iPhone. Not all Android devices work well in combination with a LINKA lock. Therefore we do not recommend buying a LINKA lock if you have an ANDROID device.



    • ART certified
    • Ring lock unlocks automatically when you are less than 2 m away (can be deactivated via the app)
    • Bluetooth 4.0 antenna with a range of up to 120 m
    • Can be manually operated with a four-digit code, LED display
    • If a spoke gets in the way, the lock automatically retracts (with a warning signal)
    • Activity protocol via LINKA app
    • Contact between smartphone and lock via AES Public Key standard
    • User access authorisation management available on Android 4.0 and Apple iOS 8 and upwards
    • Without a cylinder lock
    • Theft warning via a motion sensor (if the bike is locked)
    • 110+ dB siren
    • Temperature sensor for detecting freezing and melting conditions
    • 63 mm clearance width (for standard tyres)
    • Rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery (micro-USB 2.0)
    • Battery life of up to 16 months
    • Warning via the LINKA app if the battery level drops below 30%, the lock will no longer work if the battery level drops below 10%.
    • Corrosion protection
    • Works from -20° to +65° C 
    • Water resistant according to the IP56 standard
    • Mounting: screw it directly onto the rear fork
    • Dimensions: H approx. 152 mm, B approx. 134 mm, D approx. 33 mm
    • Material: aluminium casing, hardened steel closing-ring
    • Weight: approx. 635 g
    • Linka Smart Lock Original (ART2)
    • Linka Smart Lock Original (ART2)
    • Linka Smart Lock Original (ART2)

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